Do You Have the Energy Balance Right?

You can have success in your life largely because you have a balanced amount of masculine energy and feminine energy. If you have too many or too few of either one, it can cause life to become a maze or full of chaos. Visit this site where to take ayahuasca.

Masculine Energy is…

Rational Thought. It says “NO”.

Feminine energies are…

Creativity, Inspiration, Raw Power. It says, “YES”.

If you harness your feminine energy and channel it with a plan (masculine), a project will succeed. This will result in a fantastic finished project. However, the outcome could be very different if there is no balance.

Here are some signs that your energy may be out of balance.

Too Many Feminine Energy

Fuzzy thinking means you are unable to concentrate and can get distracted. Do you have a lot of unfinished projects around your house or office?
It’s hard to concentrate when you have many projects going at once.
You may say yes to certain things, but later regret it.
You struggle to make decisions and can ponder them for days, weeks, or months.
You’re disorganized, forgetting things, losing things or having a “head like an iron sieve”. Sometimes you forget what you said in a meeting last week or yesterday.
Your life is chaotic. You don’t have any plans or structure.

Too Many Masculine Energy

Even if you are certain it is the right thing, it can be very difficult to take chances and miss out on great opportunities. Do you ever regret saying no to a great idea but later found out that it was the right thing to do?
You love to plan everything down to the last detail. If you need to alter your plans or create a plan, it can cause stress.
When your circumstances change and you have to adapt, it is often too late.
Others might accuse your rigidity, inflexibility or stubbornness.
You love to know the “rules” of what is expected. It doesn’t matter if things aren’t in order or if people just make it up.
It’s not easy to make life changes.

Signs that you have low energy Generally

You can’t manifest money or anything, but it doesn’t work.
Others aren’t listening or ignoring you. You lack authority, power, or presence.
You’re exhausted and you’re really busy at the end of each day, but you don’t have much to show for it.
While you are attracted to a lot of attention and interest, this is often from people that you don’t like. These people are repellent to you, and you just can’t shake them off. They stick to you like glue, and continue to show up everywhere you go.
Your personal relationships don’t work or are strained.
When you try to get the attention people who can help you, and they don’t give you the chance to connect with you, it is not a good idea.
You’re very spiritual, but struggle to make your spiritual insight a reality. You may have great spiritual wisdom but no one will listen.

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