Gemstones Therapy

The rarity of gemstones adds value to them and they can only be obtained by the wealthiest families . Men would also wear gems to show their power and wealth. Where to buy moldavite necklace?

They were also part of medieval and modern kingdoms’ financial reserves. Every great leader wore rubies and pearls with silver necklaces and gold crowns. These gemstones allowed a monarch to be distinguished from the rest of his subjects, and clearly showed his wealth and power.

However, there are other reasons these semi-precious or precious stones were chosen. The cut clarity of each gemstone and its intrinsic color are said to influence the natural light flow around them, which in turn affects their aura. Astrologers, gem therapists, and others believe that the aura of each person is determined by their birth chart’s planetary positions (janam patri), and in a smaller way on how they develop. The correct gemstone can help to fix personality deficiencies, issues in work or relationships, and any imbalances in the body’s makeup.

Out of all the diplomatic and battlefield battles, the old kings secretly used magic to their advantage. This protected against the evil spells, rituals, and magic of these gems. People still believe that gemstones can have a powerful and positive effect on the destiny of a person and their personality, even though those days are over. Because there’s no harm done to oneself or another, and no law is breaking (except for common sense), it is acceptable to use gemstones for religious or spiritual purposes. I have had the opportunity to wear rubies , including pearls, sapphires, or even rubies when things were not moving forward in my life or relationships, or when I am suffering from an uncommonly severe form of cancer.

A person’s aura can be affected by external gemstones like ear-rings or necklaces. The ancient Indian astronomer-astrologer Varahamihira compiled the Hora Sara listing the various gems and their properties and uses. These information have been supplemented and supported by other works. For astrologists to really work, they recommend the use of stones as rings.

Following is a list listing gemstones that have therapeutic properties (in Hindi):

1) Pearl (moti–a pearl is a white rock that can improve memory, treat eye-troubles, and give mental peace.

2) Green stone called “panna”–assists with heart ailments, nerve diseases, blood pressure problems and nasal problems.

Hessonite or gomed – An orange-brown, stone (hence its name go-medh/cow’s urine), which treats acidity and heals external injuries. It is also useful in reducing pains and cooling down the body.

Ruby (or mani)–a type of red stone, which can raise a person’s status and make them happy and social. It is also used to cure stomach ulcers, rheumatism, and stomach ache.

5) The red-colored coral (munga), which can also be useful for treating measles and blindness as well as diabetes and piles.

Blue Sapphire (neelam), which is also used for treating bladder and kidney troubles, can be used as a treatment to calm nerves, mental disorders, nervousness, and other ailments.

7) Lahsuniya, the cat’s eye–an orange/gold stone used in all stages of treatment for cancer.

8) Diamant (heera) – A transparent stone which prevents the formation pus and mucous. This cures STDs as well diabetes.

9) Yellow sapphire (pukhraj), which is a yellow crystal that treats cholera/jaundice. Also, it’s useful in the treatment of throat and dental problems.

These properties aren’t clinically confirmed and use is dependent on the person’s beliefs. You should not purchase or wear these stones by simply reading the above list. Astrologers and gemstone therapists will loan gems to you for as long as they are advising. The fact that so many are only in this to make money is evident. Some reputable astrologers are willing to return the stones if they are not used.

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