Is it ethical to buy reviews?

You can expect a long lecture about morals and religion as soon as you mention the word “Ethical”. The article does not intend to do that. But I’ll give you a sliding scale, and you decide where you want to place your ethics. I’m quite sure that ethical standards are a sliding-scale influenced by risk, reward and motivation. Come and visit our website search it on Preview Stars you can learn more.

* The risk is the likelihood of punishment

* Size = Reward

* Motivation: Emotional drive that is a result of positive or negative events.

For example, when asked if they’d eat food out of a dumpster most would reply “Heck No”. You will become more willing to try dumpster food as you grow hungry and the options of better meals diminish.

There is a question that arises when it comes to reviewing: What will they do for me? Reviews have four main benefits, according to me:

1. Ego boost For the Business Owner “They Like Me! They Really like Me!”

2. The search engine receives social signals from your customers. Rankings are affected to some degree by this.

3. Visual Indicator makes your business listing pop. If you have a Google business listing, 5 stars will appear after five reviews. Your maps listing becomes more visible and likely to receive clicks or phone calls.

4. Give your customers positive feedback by telling them that other people have valued what you offer.

Evidently, factor four is of primary interest. Before making a purchasing decision, 60% of internet shoppers read online reviews. Click on the link in the footer.

The majority of business owners know that reviews are important. Business owners are interested in reviews. But I have seen confusion over where to place the reviews and what weight or value they should carry. It is important to consider the credibility of potential clients and search engines. These are the places where the majority of the reviews appear and their value.

* The Company’s Website : Written Reviews – These reviews are not taken seriously by search engines. They also have little to no credence with prospective customers, because it is well known that the company controls the website. You can write anything you like on the website regardless of its truthfulness or whether or not the person making the review actually exists.

The video review will give your company more credibility with potential clients because they know that this is not a fictitious person. The person may not be a client of yours, or perhaps a close friend owing you a favour. But it makes the video look more real. This type of review is great to use on the product pages or services you offer.

* Google Plus This is more likely to be taken seriously by potential customers, as they understand that you can not delete negative reviews. It’s also harder to fake these.

* Yeslp This is more reliable than Google Reviews because these are even harder fakes and there’s no way to remove bad reviews. Google gives this platform high credibility. Yelp enjoys a large following, and a number of users use this instead of using a search engine.

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