Regular Carpet Cleaning Is Essential for Pet Owners

You now have a pet you love dearly. Although you love your pet furry friend, it is not easy to deal with the mess they leave on your carpet. Is it worth removing the carpet, or are there other ways to keep it looking beautiful? Take advantage of regular carpet cleaning and also follow the advice we provide below.

Act immediately

This is probably the best tip anyone could give you about carpet cleaning. It is crucial to take action immediately if you have a stain or spillage. The best way to extend the life of your carpet is to immediately clean up the mess.

Remove the hair

Your carpet could become clogged with pet hair as time goes by. The vacuum cleaner will quickly clog and your carpet will be filled with hair. Wrapping masking tape around the end of a paint roller is an even better way to remove pet hair. Then attach the tape to a mop/broom. Finally, brush the tape over your carpet. The tip should be covered by most of the hair. You can then vacuum your carpet. If you’re using an HEPA filter, no hairs will remain in the carpet.

Another method to get rid is to use a carpet rake with rubber bristles. All hairs will clump together.

The smell is your friend

Yes, your pet knows where he must urinate and expel. There will come a day when your pet does this on your carpet, despite all of this. The best way to handle the mess is to quickly act, as I mentioned previously. Use a towel to dry the area. Next, wash the affected areas with about three to five drops of a liquid soap. Rub the stain with warm water. Rinse well. Dry the area with a towel.

You can also rub the surface with vinegar mixed with water, so that it doesn’t get spoiled again. You can then place some paper towels onto the surface and press them under a heavyweight. Leave the carpet to dry completely.

Regularly use professional cleaning services

You may be quick and efficient in cleaning up pet stains, but you cannot be as thorough as the professionals. All high-quality cleaning services follow a specific and well-defined process when cleaning carpets. Depending on your package, your carpet may be dry-cleaned (or washed), but the results will amaze you.

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